Saturday, September 25, 2010

Show 9/25 Postponed (other news guaranteed lousy too)

I just got off the phone w/ Hamell's management and the venue. Sadly, Ed took sick during the drive out here, and the show has been postponed.

For all of you who purchased actual tickets from me, of course I'll get you your money back, however when the show gets rescheduled those tickets would be honored, so you've the option of hanging on to them.

Obviously this is a pretty big bummer. First and foremost we all hope Ed's OK. He's one of the most dedicated performers I know, so he certainly would never cancel unless he was truly too sick to play. Hopefully it's nothing serious. To all my friends that were going to come out, I'm very disappointed to have such lousy news, I even tried to see if just having a comedy showcase was an option but due to refund policy and so forth the venue needed to postpone the event.

I do appreciate Ed's people and the venue for their timely communication and understanding. I know this may, in some ways, seem a bit much over a canceled gig but shows like this are among my favorite to play, and as this fall has not been an easy one, it's safe to say I'm fairly disappointed. I'm not going to use this forum as an opportunity to vent about the state of things because that's not my goal with this (or any) blog. But, geesh, I'm hoping for a slight turn of the tide soon.

Next post will be topical and (potentially) entertaining, complete with the cynicism and misanthropy that keeps me on stage. Promise.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Welcome Back NFL Sunday

Another premier NFL Sunday and yet again I found myself willing to deal with the TV-radio delay than listen to the vomit-inducing verbal-abortion sports announcing on Fox. It gets increasingly more painful every year. I hate to come off as such a shallow critic here, but...I just can't be kind about this...I've tried...I can't even be constructive at this point, it's just awful, completely awful. I've considered delivering my own alternative...somehow figuring out a way to podcast live during Steelers' games and provide live commentating with a couple others. Based on my interpretation of the law that would actually be legal too. Alas, I don't want to be on that side of the coin, I'm no sports expert, I'm sure there are plenty out there far more qualified, they need to find their way to Fox.

The Quaran burning didn't happen. Rev. Terry Jones changed his mind and it was because a) he realized it was barbaric, insensitive and hateful b) The Al Queda issue or c) He had bad indigestion as the night before was burrito night.

If you guessed a) you're too optimistic for your own good. Brace yourself for a lifetime of disappointment.

If you guessed b) me thinks you're correct.

If you guessed c) you and Terry must be golf-buddies.

Taylor Swift wrote a song based on her emotions from the incident where Kayne West interrupted her VMA acceptance speech...after all if there's anything the music industry wants it's a song people can relate to about an issue that's important. It's a VMA for crying outloud, take a lesson from Kurt Cobain, he kept his VMAs in his bathrooms on top of the toilets.