Thursday, October 14, 2010

Open Letter that Should be Sent

Dear Facebook, Thank you for giving me something to blame procrastination on.

Dear Procrastination, I blame Facebook.

Dear Christine O'Donnell, Wow. Here's to at least a month or so of lazy punchlines, surely I'll find myself among the guilty party.

Dear Jethro Tull, Please tour with Spirit of the West, that would be super amazing.

Dear Tea Party, Legit grassroots movements aren't funded by billionaires, just sayin'.

Dear Morrissey, Not cool dude.

Dear ICP, I'm no theologian, but I can't find "we've got great shirts for bitches" in the bible anywhere.

Dear "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," Go away. Please.

Dear Joe Biden, Do something.

Dear Marcellus Shale, Thanks alot, now all of the rural land in Pennsylvania can be the same quality as the roads.

Dear Person who's not sure if that last one was pro or con, Drive in Pennsylvania sometime.

Last but certainly not least,


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