Wednesday, June 22, 2011


In Connecticut, a 31-year-old man was recently arrested for attempting to buy marijuana on Craigslist. Craigslist, the popular website-cum-electronic bulletin board, serves as, among other things, a platform to make requests for desired products or services, promote events, and meet other people. While illegal use is strongly discouraged, certain advertisements cleverly disguise their intentions and slip through the vigilant team monitoring the ads for odd, illegal or indecent behavior. An unedited version of the suspect’s post is below:

“Looking for an UNmemorable Night?...

You won’t remember it, but that’s a good thing…lol. I’m looking for someone to smoke tobacco with…fun-time tobacco, you know, the green-happy stuff. Get what I’m throwin’ down? Anyway, me, SWM, 31, looking for a good time. Hobbies include macaroni and cheese, discussing post-modernism and Three Stooges DVDs. The last two interests are actually best when done simultaneously. You: Good looking guy or girl, open-minded, and in possession of the fun-time tobacco. Would prefer you host, parents basement is a bit cramped, lol. Send me an e-mail or text me, if I don’t get back to within a day follow-up because I probably forgot.

Knowledge of Star-Wars, Netflix account, and frozen pizza supply that you’re willing to share strongly recommended but not required.”

If you or anyone you know comes across ads such as these they should be flagged immediately, or immediately contact your local congressman as they are most likely responsible for the initial post.

Thank you, the Craigslist Team.

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