Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Obama's lost my vote IF...

He picks Chuck Hagel as his V.P. Period. He's lost my vote. No, McCain won't get my vote. I won't vote. Judge me if you will, but I could not in my right mind cast a vote for Obama if he were to so blatantly invite the policy of the bush administration in for a third term when his whole platform up until this point, the platform that essentially won him the nomination, has trumpeted "change."

With exception to the Iraq war, Chuck Hagel parrots bush on nearly every issue.

His voting record is 90% conservative, 95% aligned with the bush administration.

He favors tax-cuts for the most wealthy.
He is extremely against a woman's right to choose.
He is opposed to the separation of Church and State.
He is opposed to gun control, and in fact is opposed to nearly any type of background check whatsoever.
He is opposed to public health care, and voted against adding 2-4 million children to SCHIP.
He voted yes on confirmation of Samuel Alito.

He was a finalist on george w. bush's VP list in May of 2002.

Is this the "change" we were expecting when lending our support to Mr. Obama?

OK, maybe I'm getting carried away, after all this is just heresy from CNN. Judging by Obama's recent attempts at appealing to the right, however, such an action would not shock me.

Such an action of gross bi-partisanship would be nothing more than an effort to obtain votes and secure a landslide, proving that, like most politicians, Obama cares more about winning an election than he does at having the type of presidency we the people have made it clear we want him to have.

Come on Obama, do the right thing here.

John Edwards cheated on his wife to prove to Ann Coulter he wasn't gay.

The general response to the affair's motivation has been "who cares?" and "what the hell gender is Ann Coulter anyway? Seriously, she's like the mystery flavored Dum-Dum lollipop of human beings...What an evil skeleton, someone please feed her a sandwich so she can stop talking."

Today John McCain stated "we are all Georgians"---someone immediately ran up to him and reminded him he was in Pennsylvania. "Fortunately," McCain later stated, "I was able to play it off due to some conflict in Russia."

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