Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin

So, the obvious: She's attractive. Yes, I know, shallow way to start but let's put those cards on the table. She's very attractive, she's young and according to the GOP she's a reformer, and by reformer they mean she wants to over-turn Roe v. Wade.

Some have called her a woman of the people, someone that's "one of us", which I agree with, if you open to work for the oil industry...or if you haven't been born yet.

Of course, it has come to the surface that the decision of Palin as VP was an attempt to attract Clinton supporters...When asked what her and Clinton had in common, McCain just shrugged: "Well, neither one would've had the right to vote when I was in high school...and, well, umm...hey, did you guys know there's a conflict between Georgia and Russia? be afraid damn it!"

Let's be blunt: An attractive woman--secures the surface vote. "Sarah Palin: She wants to drill Alaska as much as you want to drill her!"

Socially conservative--secures the religious right.

Ties to the oil industry, along with a reputation of abuse of power the Big Oil agenda.

Last but not least, she has the potential to and will become the "celebrity" the Republicans were looking for.

At least now if McCain wins we can all look forward to the possibility of a leaked sex tape.

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