Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Tabloids are coming!

And not a moment too soon. I was reading the news today, as I often do, great way to start of the day eh? Read the news, see what's going on in the world, come off just a little less hopeless than before, just a little, somehow get the gull to dress and move on.

Anyway, there was an article about Michelle Obama and her appearance in some of the tabloids. She's a great mom, never missed a child's recital, shops at Target, loves Sex and the City, just your average everyday middle-aged American female. Sure she's an essential part to the most significant presidential race in U.S. history, but who cares about that, where'd she get her latest wardrobe??

As Us Weekly Editor Jan Min said: "People want to know can you drink a beer with them, or, in the case of our reader, a cosmo." Great input Min, really. That's a spectacular question to ask, can I drink a beer with them? After all, that attitude produces wonderful results, just look at 2004.

Thanks to Jan and the rest of the tabloid-sugar-pushing wastelands I learned that Obama's favorite food is Chili and his preferred reading material is "Harry Potter." I'd like to think it would disturb us all that our potential-next-President's preferred reading is a children's book, but considering our current President, nothing should come as shocking or surprising.

I, personally, don't enjoy children's books. I know "Harry Potter" has had a very wide appeal and has done extremely well, which is fine. But it's not for me. I'm going to be dull here and stick with grown-up books. Besides, there are some crazy people out there that have written children's books---like Hitler and Bill O'Reilly.

In even less significant news, Burger King just launched the world's most expensive burger, costing $200. The burger is guess it...The Burger. Most people I know that go to Burger King refuse to order anything that's not on the dollar menu.

A BK spokesman said: "The Burger reflects our ongoing commitment for producing for a range of different pockets."

Which pocket does a $200 burger fall into? The "I have too much money and an instant artery-clogging death wish" pocket? Thought so.

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