Thursday, June 26, 2008

Two Words

We all have heard that Obama's big slogan is "yes, we can." Which, in my opinion, is a catchy slogan.

Today, John McCain's camp released an anti-Obama add referring to him as "Dr. No." Which, in my opinion, is unoriginal.

Political discourse in this country has been reduced to two words, not only two words but two words that have nods to accompany them.

Yes, it's true America, Big Brother thinks we're that dumb.

Obama says no on this, McCain doesn't say no on that, Obama says yes on this, McCain doesn't say yes on that. This black-and-white surface-oriented mode of logic is exactly how the people in power want you to think and exactly how they want you to vote.

Earlier today I spilled some coffee on my shirt and I haven't gotten changed yet. The life of a writer can be beyond isolating.

I saw "American Drug War" last night and I enjoyed it very much. There have been some incredibly quality documentaries released over the past year or so, and thanks to my new NetFlix account as well as Google Video and, I've been able to keep up on most everything for cheap.

Anyway, there are some great interviews from Ricky Ross and Tommy Chong, not to mention some in-depth comparisons between the U.S. drug policies and Amsterdam's. I highly recommend the film, I was going to write a review, but I've never been able to write decent movie reviews...I either recommend something or I don't. In this case, I recommend it.

I have a comedy bit I refer to as the anti-drug war poem. It's where I talk about being "Peter the Pill-Poppin' Penguin," and instead of trying to scare kids into not using drugs, I try to get them to educate themselves and question things instead. While it's a fairly radical bit on the surface, I think the overall message of education and nurturing versus fear and manipulation comes across. Meaning, I haven't gotten a negative response from doing the bit yet! I only close with it though, and I only do it if I've been on stage for 20 minutes or so, I never do it for shorter sets.

In San Francisco voters are supporting the idea of naming a local sewage plant after george w. bush. Personally, I find this insulting, there's no comparison between bush and a sewage plant, a sewage plant serves many positive purposes and benefits society immensely. Our lives would be worse if sewage plants didn't exist.

San Francisco, when will you end your fecal matter intolerance? Or as I like to call it, turdism.

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