Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Pleasant Sequence

Friday night I was hosting the Mainstage Comedy and Music Club here in Seattle. It was my first time back since I had been out of town and I had really missed doing time there. It felt great to be back, but there was definitely a part of me that was a tad bit bummed out that I was going to miss the Flipper show.

Both shows were super-fun, so let's move on from the show right away shall we? Awesome. As soon as the second show ended I dashed over to the Funhouse, the venue Flipper was playing at. As I walked in the guy at the door informed me the show had ended. "They might do an encore though, here, I'll stamp your hand and you can go in." He didn't charge me anything which was pretty cool. I go in, and there was no encore, however I looked to my left and saw Chris Cornell from Sound Garden, and then directly behind me was Krist Noveselic, ex-Nirvana bassist. Everybody at the venue at this point seemed to all know each other and be friends with all the bands. These were the people that probably watched Nirvana slowly become famous, they weren't 3,000 miles away and too young to discover anything until after Kurt had died like I was.

So, needless to say I was trying not to look like a total fool, but I couldn't help but feel a little star-struck. Plus, I was drunk. I got to say hello to Krist, told him I enjoyed his column, he thanked me and we shook hands.

The rest of the weekend went fine, but now I'm tired and in a lousy mood. Sunday nights are when I usually do most of my thinking, I think about what I'm doing and where I'm heading--I'm heading the same place we're all heading, hence reason to be in a lousy mood. This novel has been in the works for way too long, I'm either going to shit or get off the pot. I work on books all day for a living, so all too often I'm simply not up for working on my own. I've nothing to complain about though, I've just adapted a bad habit which I need to break.

Moving on, I managed to miss all of the Euro games this year. They were all playing at a Soccer pub right down the street from my apartment, but I still managed to miss every single one. I need to start using an alarm again.

I'm stoked for the new Batman movie, I'm beginning the process by re-watching Batman Begins as soon as Netflix delivers. I'm also stoked for the new Hunter S. documentary.

Ok, no politics or news jokes this round, I kind of just wanted to think out loud for a bit and document my weekend.

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