Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Debate Notes

I don't know Joe the Plumber, I'm tried of hearing about him.

John McCain keeps blinking, this must be some kind of distraction method he learned from Palin...Sadly she defeats him in sex appeal

John's getting a little feisty...I'd be pissed too if I was the Republican nominee and down 10 points in one of the most conservative states in the country...

...The "Oh Shit I might lose Virginia" aggression continues.

John McCain's undying love for Ronald Reagan continues

When John McCain smiles his neck looks like a labia

Obama's smile is finally fading...look at us, not McCain!

Obama called out Faux-News! Ok, that gets a star

If Reagan was involved, it's ok.

Obama, please stop complimenting McCain...and why didn't you answer his question more throughly? Star rebuked.

Dude, if John McCain cries there's no way he'll lose the election...his tear ducts don't still work do they?

Have you guys been running smear campaigns? Great question, next time just ask them if they're both running for President.

Whoever makes Joe the Plumber shirts first is going to be rich...

Joe the Plumber...2008's You Forgot Poland

Anyone who considers Sarah Palin a role-model for women can only be described as mentally unstable.

Obama, out of all the flaws you could've pointed out on Sarah Palin, you chose to...compliment her.

Obama, stop smiling at McCain like a child looking at the Easter bunny, it's not helping.

Climate control...wouldn't surprise me.

Obama, the question was four years, not ten.

How soon can we have energy independence? How big were Exxon's lobbying checks?

You know it's interesting, both McCain and Obama seem to be left...handed.

I just had Deja Vu...Oh wait, the puppets are just reciting the same things and making the same accusations.

John McCain on Children Obesity: "We need to have physical fitness programs and wellness programs to fight children my day I walked 15 miles in the snow to get to school!"

Joe the Plumber, apparently you're more important than the rest of us.

Oh no, socialized medicine, the evil evil concept! We could end up like Canada, or England! Meaning...we have affordable universal health care?

John's blinking AND smiling...creepy.

"You know the Democrats have been in charge of Congress the past two years?" Yes, Mr. McCain, I also remember you saying you would kill yourself if the Democrats won...reasonable reaction much?

"We pro-life people understand we need a change in America, we need a change and know that we need to start showing change and compassion"--John McCain

Compassion as in respecting a woman's body and right to choose?

Education sucks, what are we going to do about it? Remember, spending money and making tougher qualifications for teachers isn't an option.

No Child Left Behind didn't just leave the money behind, they left the logic behind.

Throwing money at the education problem won't help it! Apparently, however, creating more lax standards for teachers while at the same time increasing their salaries will work wonders.


"We've had a very healthy discussion, because I interrupted whenever the hell I felt like it."--John McCain

Hey, it's Joe the Plumber!

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