Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ashley Todd's recipe to be a total moron

"High School Musical 3" is the number one movie at the box office...just when you thought there wasn't enough to be pessimistic about.

"Joe the Plumber" is considering running for congress...well, we already know he has a thorough understanding of taxes

John McCain to his only sisters circa 1930: "Hey you guys, if I ever grew up and ran for President would you vote for me?"

Looks like he got his answer.

Ashley Todd's Recipe to be a total moron:


1. Thin-tipped kitchen knife

2. John McCain Bumper Sticker

3. A local police force with a history of racism

4. A mainstream media that is so focused on the right-wing agenda they'll publish any story blasting the other side without asking any questions or doing any research whatsoever.

5. A story blaming a black guy

6. A set of stairs

Throw yourself down the stairs, make sure you are good and black and blue. Next, take the kitchen knife and carve a "B" into your face, an "O" would be much easier, but oh well. Call Faux News, the other sock puppets will follow suit. Tell your story. Remember, a black guy mugged you, and it's Obama's fault!

Facial mutilation: Resetting the bar for political activism.

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