Friday, November 7, 2008

Facebook, Northeast Muggers, and a post-election world

There have already been Facebook groups out there to impeach Barack Obama...I guess he must have already committed impeachable offenses such as warrant-less wiretapping,deception during a time of war, and...oh wait.

In Mount Lebanon, PA, an 84-year-old woman was walking along Washington Road last month when someone snatched her purse.

Investigators said they found a phone at the crime scene with an outgoing text message saying, "I'm ready to grab some old lady's purse." Police continued the investigation, as no "lol" or "jk" was found on the end of the text.

According to Faux News, "Sarah Palin's allies are pushing back against a stream of accusations leaking out of John McCain's campaign that the Alaska governor was incompetent during the run-up to the election." Sure every time she spoke we learned of another court case or social structure she didn't understand, and sure her performance in the VP debate was nothing short of laughable, but she had some pretty outfits gosh-darn it!

The GOP has officially invited Joe Lieberman into the Republican fold...leaving us all to wonder why Joe Lieberman is still a Democrat in the first place.

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