Sunday, November 23, 2008

Slow Droppings and some Playlists

Not too long ago Dennis Kucinich was on Bill O'Reilly. During which time Dennis tried to explain the economy to O'Reilly...seemed like a mathematics professor trying to explain algebra to a Doberman.

This week in the NFL: Having to watch both of the Manning brothers pull a victory is enough to break even the strongest of human beings…Such a phenomenon should be prohibited by law. Also, it seems as if, as expected, the piggies in the Zebra shirts are yet again playing for their fellow swine, giving them multiple first downs and stopping the clock when it’s in their favor.

Peyton Manning (aka “In-Bred”) on Adam Vinatieri: “He’s the best in the game I think, he’s got guts, and, there’s another word we use too, but guts will do.”

Gee golly there Peyton, not only did you have to make such a bold statement about your kicker but you had to make a G-rated family-friendly lack luster attempt at a penis joke. Between your tact and your troll-like appearance I wonder how anyone can stomach you.

An abandoned working piano was found in the woods, nobody was quite sure Ben Folds Five video anyone?

Speaking of music, I've been driving a great deal these past few weeks, a few out-of-town gigs, in addition got a case of the new-day-job blues, and I've been thinking a great deal about what I've been taking in the car with me. Below are some highlights from my humble CD collection and an abbreviated list of my must-haves:

1. Jethro Tull, Bursting Out--It took me four years, but I finally found a copy of "Bursting Out," a live album that they recorded in 1978. It's easy to obtain online, but I decided I had to find it in a store, otherwise I wouldn't feel like it was truly mine. Anyway, the album is two discs, and I only listen to it once or twice a year whenever I have a long drive. Reason being I try to completely forget the track list, that way whenever I listen to it I can feel like I'm actually at a Jethro Tull concert. Sure I remember that they play Aqualung and Locomotive Breath, but I would be able to count on those at any concert.

2. Bad Religion, Suffer--If I don't listen to Suffer at least two times in a row at some point, I'm simply not ready to perform.

3. Modest Mouse, Lonesome Crowded West—I can’t imagine driving through the Northwest without popping in this disc at some point. Plus, think of all the classics…Doin’ the Cockroach, Cowboy Dan, Bankrupt on Selling…helps the miles go by.

4. Gin Blossoms, New Miserable Experience---Yes, I know it’s a guilty pleasure…Yes I know…what?

5. Rancid, Let’s Go---Come on baby won’t you show me what you got now!?! Let’s floor it.

6. The Beatles, Abbey Road--- Gotta have the song cycle, gotta have it.

7. Bill Hicks, Flying Saucer Tour Vol 1---This album was recorded at the Funny Bone in my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. The crowd was a slowly adapting one, and Bill pulls out all the tricks to win them over. In the end he does…big time. This is not only my favorite Bill Hicks’ album, but may be my favorite comedy album of all time. Over two hours of Hicks, some improv, some crowd-work, and all the classic bits.

8. Nirvana, Insecticide—I began listening to Nirvana when I was 10. This influenced my music tastes for the next 13 years and counting. I pick Insecticide because the Vaselines’ covers really help any long haul. I’ll have any of their albums at various times though.

9. Minor Threat, Complete Discography---Whenever I’m in need of another Red Bull and it isn’t handy…Minor Threat will fill that void.

10. Okkervil River, Black Sheep Boy---Will Sheff writes great songs, there’s great songs out there, he wrote a few of them.
I’ll leave it at ten.

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