Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Fun with Laws

In order to save gas and boost morale some states have started regulated four-day work weeks. "Wow," thought the apathetic little misanthrope in me, "a new left-hook in the American work culture's right eye, lovely!" Yes, I was excited. Where, I thought, could I move to take part in this phenomenon?

Wait for it, ARKANSAS!!! Or perhaps if I wanted to be more adventurous, UTAH!! You know, 5-day work weeks sound just fine, just fine indeed.

Of course, the 4-day work week is four ten-hour days. The best part is that this regulation includes truck drivers...their routes are exactly the same, workload doesn't change, and the motivation behind this 4-day work week is to save gas....hmmm....Poor truck drivers...cramming a 5-day run into 4 can't be easy, but supposedly this will boost morale.

"A" for effort Arkansas and Utah.

Since we're on the topic of driving, in California they're trying to pass a law that prohibits talking on your cell phone unless you have a headset.

One thing they didn't outlaw, text messaging. Yes, text messaging is a-OK, I mean, why not, you have an extra foot to drive with.

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