Thursday, July 10, 2008

Jesse Jackson!

OK, so by now we've all heard about Rev. Jesse Jackson's remarks towards Obama, and of course Rev. Jackson has apologized for said remarks and re-stated his dedication to Obama and the campaign.

Here's the thing though, he said he wanted to cut his nuts off.

Sure people say things they don't mean, a guy might get mad at another guy and say, "hey, I'm gonna kick your ass!" But you usually don't hear "hey, I'm gonna cut off your balls!" Usually at that point the other guy would just be like, "whoa, that's creepy."

What do you think it'll be like the next time they see each other? Do you think Obama will try to make light of it and try to play it off? "Hey there Jesse, should I be wearing a cup? (Laughs)...No, it's ok, I know you're sorry."

Personally I think Obama should make a statement, it'd make things a bit more light hearted if he just came out and said something along the lines of "So, Jesse Jackson said he wanted to cut off my a politician you face some odd opposition at times." Then he can publicly brush it off.

The McCain campaign might have a brand new slogan: "John McCain: Rev. Jesse Jackson wants him to keep his penis."

In brighter news I had a revelation, complete and thorough. I didn't know this, but all of the problems this country has been facing domestically and internationally are, in fact, imaginary.

Thank you Phil Gramm ever so much for helping me see the light! I'm going to go outside and see that gasoline hasn't risen 85% in price and I'm going to take a road-trip all the way to Southern California.

I'm going to wake-up tomorrow and find out that all of our international conflict is over and I'll get to see my cousin, a Marine serving in Iraq (he was supposed to be completely finished in 2005, but he's still over there), next week.

Then I'm going to go out and buy some new CDs, furniture and some killer seafood because, like all Americans according to Phil Gramm, I have way more disposable income than I realize and this economy is soaring!

Everyone tune in next week to the new high-definition radio show: "Make Believe with Phil Gramm---where everything is A-OK!"

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lifting_fog said...

Hey, all you guys... your fear of what happens after having your nuts cut off is all IMAGINARY...
Take it from me, an authority on the subject...