Sunday, July 27, 2008

The World I Really Don't Know and None of Us Do

First, I want to get something off my chest. We do have a bit of Obama-mania going on in this country. Now, I am supporting Obama for president, not because I think he's a great candidate, but because I think he is a reasonable candidate, and one that has a better shot at repairing some of the damage done to this country. I said some.

Now, that being said, there are many people I have encountered in my life, many of whom I respect their ideas and opinions, and some I would go as far to say I look up to to some degree, that are truly inspired by Obama. People have compared him to JFK, Martin Luther King, and other people of that magnitude. Judge me if you will, but to me this is nothing short of insulting.

The courage displayed by those two men is something Obama will never even begin to touch in his lifetime. And if Barack Obama is seen as some revolutionary by today's standards, then big brother's already won.

First of all, Obama has never challenged the Fed the way JFK did. If anyone in the political arena today should be compared to JFK in the true regard it should be Ron Paul. Notice how I said if anyone.

Second, let's review some of Obama's recent decisions, from Amy Goodman's Democracy Now:

"In an apparent reversal, Obama backed a new bill authorizing the Bush administration's domestic spy program and granting immunity for the telecom companies that took part. He also supported a Supreme Court decision to overturn a D.C. handgun ban. On foreign policy, Obama said he'd be open to revise his pledge to withdraw US troops from Iraq and also called for a major increase to the size of the US occupation of Afghanistan. And like all top Democratic leaders, Obama has refused to support calls for the prosecution of President Bush and top White House officials for war crimes and other abuses of power."

Obama's a politician. And while I feel his international appeal and speaking ability would make his presidency a positive change for this country, albeit a baby-step, to put him on the pedestal people in this country are placing him on is nothing short of delusional--something many people in this country have needed to resort to when taking a look out the window.

OK, that feels better.

In South Carolina people are saying the Christian license plates have gone too far. There is a new license plate that says "I Believe" and is emboldened by a bright yellow cross. People say this comes across as discriminatory against non-Christians. I say, let them have plates about their religion, but that being said there should be plates for some of the other sides as well, with phrases on them. Here are a few ideas:

"My only mental crutch is pot...hey, at least mine's real."

"I don't believe, I prefer to seek."

"Don't you guys believe 'Thou shalt not judge?'"

"If God's proud of his creation than He's an underachiever."

"I have my beliefs but I don't feel the need to broadcast them."

"Nobody cares about your imaginary friend."

In the Faux News headline count: Out of 16 headlines, 9 were headlines dealing with entertainment or bizarre news fit for a tabloid.

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