Friday, July 18, 2008

Unlikely pairs Unlikely times

Pat Robertson and Al Sharpton have come together to lend their support to WeCanSolveIt, a non-profit, non-partisan effort started by Al Gore....Think that's crazy? Word on the street is that Michael Moore and george w. bush both have the same favorite beer!

Seriously though, it's nice that Pat Robertson is concerned and against the destruction of the environment...too bad he doesn't feel the same way about humans.

Nancy Pelosi blames the "Two Oil Men" for high-gas prices. The two oil men she's referring to are george bush and dick cheney. Wow, Nancy, that was ground breaking, and oh so original. Honestly, out of the million things one could blame those two disasters for, high oil prices isn't necessarily one of them. There's so many factors involved there, rise in international demand, finite resources, etc. Perhaps Nancy wanted to try to point fingers to divert attention away from the fact that the democrats have "compromised" with republicans and will now be permitting off-shore drilling. The compromise is that they will "seek renewable resources."

Oh, American Politics, vague, bland, and completely unpromising. The compromise: republicans get what they want, and democrats play make-believe.

Faux News "Most Read" Count: Out of 16 headlines 10 of them dealt with entertainment. 3 U.S. soldiers were put in one of the most dangerous situations possible in Afghanistan, without proper reinforcements, all three dead. They were days away from redeployment. At least one of them was there because he was saving up for school. It was among the most deadly outbreaks of violence on both sides in months. Over at Faux there's more important things though, Dark Knight is out! And what's new with Katie Holmes?!?!?!

In the corner of my Faux News page was an advertisement for a Nine Inch Nails concert in Seattle. He'll be playing at the Key Arena next Saturday. That same night I'll be performing across the street at Mainstage Comedy and Music Club. Never in my life had I wanted to be that close to something as lame as a Nine Inch Nails concert. Seriously Trent, you made a million dollars off an album you made on an Apple computer, life can't be that bad buddy.

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