Sunday, July 13, 2008

The League of First Time Voters Is Pure Fraud

Tonight was my first time watching the CNN piece "The League of First Time Voters." This is a segment where they take a group of should-have-been-blow-jobs, I mean, children, and talk to them about "adult"issues concerning politics.

Rick Sanchez is the host of this fluff segment and the issues he brought to the table were abortion, same-sex marriage, and the war in Iraq.

I found it interesting that the first "major issue" was abortion. Although I can sympathize with both sides of the issue (if I had to be labeled it'd be pro-choice), I don't consider abortion a major issue, it's a woman's body, she should have a choice. The sickness is that the issue of abortion has become a gimmick employed by the Right in our plutocracy to pull at the heart-strings of Christian-minded individuals and win votes. CNN nearly parroted this by bringing it into this discussion with children. Not to mention, this segment continued to limit the discourse on the subject, since children haven't developed analytical and verbal skills as much as adults (in most cases).

Next issue I think it goes without saying I can not sympathize with both sides, and I think should once and for all be a non-issue. Why should someone by denied the right to marry based on their sexual orientation? This is nothing more than discrimination, no less absurd than making people sit in certain sections of a bus based on the color of their skin, and once again a tool for the Right. They used the issue of Gay Marriage countless times over the past few years to lure Americans away from the situation in Iraq and the rising energy prices...they were successful.

Honestly, if a homosexual couple lives together in a loving relationship they should have the right to marriage and all of the potential financial benefits a marriage provides. (I'm pretty sure those are the only types of benefits a marriage provides, but I can't completely knock what I haven't tried).

Third issue was the war. The CNN moguls didn't want to completely piss on the general public and cater to the powers that be, so they threw in an issue that can't really be used for personal gains in there and let the children talk about it. And the kids did have opinions, probably which they got from their parents.

This is just another attempt to dumb-down the societal discourse from our mainstream media, which is already laughable and embarrassing at best, only this time they've gone as low as to use children in this endeavor.

If I wanted to hear dialogue on a child's level of intelligence I'd simply pay more attention to Tucker Carlson.

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